Sun 20 Sep 2020 21:11

Do you want to join the 300 Club? Want a chance to win a club lottery draw?

We have an additional 30 lottery draw spots to fill on a first come first served basis. Get yours now!!

The aim of the 300 Club is to support and raise funds for rugby at Cleve Rugby Football Club (CRFC), while at the same time allowing members of The Club to win significant cash prizes.

For £5 a month standard / £8 a month +gym (access and use to the weights gym at Cleve) members can purchase a share in the lottery draw.

2 Super Draws per year (July + Dec) first prize: £300.00, second prize: £150.00, third prize: £75.00, fourth, fifth, sixth & seventh prizes: £50 & eighth prize: £25 

9 monthly spot draws for £50 

In the last 12 months the 300 club has reimbursed players for MRI scans and medical treatment. It has also paid for First Aid courses, coaching qualifications, playing tape, new balls and provided shirt sponsorship for our first XV.

The 300 club donated just shy of £6000 last year to the mini, junior and senior sections of CRFC.

Come and join the draw, support your club and give yourself the chance of a lottery win!!

​Contact Neil Gapper for your membership form now